Stéphane Lelong and his team create HolFel® stays for you to attract to your facilities customers of the growing wellbeing trend.


These general wellbeing HolFel® stays are designed to increase the attractiveness and profitability of your Hotels & Resorts and your Health Resorts.


HolFel® is an innovation. After over twenty years of research and practice, Stéphane Lelong created HolFel®, an innovative concept to develop his general wellbeing concept.


These premium wellness stays, customised programmes and exclusive services are specially designed for hospitality professionals to grow your customer base and to increase the profitability of your businesses.





HolFel® stays and HolFel® programmes are tailor-made for professionals in the hotel and tourism business. The HolFel® stays are made to develop the best global welfare practices. In addition, specific HolFel® programmes can be studied according to your institutions and your target clients. HolFel® Programmes are designed to adapt the content of your stays to the needs of your different clients: Rejuvenation, Longevity, MindFull, Healing, Anti-BurnOut, Wellness, Anti-Ageing, Global Detox, Thalasso, Diet.


Exclusive general wellbeing stays aiming to develop vitality, potential, resources and performances are organised for your customers in your Hotels & Resorts and your Health Resorts.


HolFel® stays are designed for three days, five days, one week, two weeks, three weeks and four weeks.


Look at these examples of a HolFel® stays :


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Complementing the HolFel® stays, dedicated and customized HolFel® programmes are available for professionals to meet special customer requirements and achieve specific goals.


Programmes to adapt the content of your stays to the needs of your different clients:

  • Life Reset by HolFel®
  • Recovery by HolFel®
  • Global Detox by HolFel®
  • Fitness by HolFel®
  • Anti-smoking by HolFel®
  • Intensive detox and weight loss by HolFel®
  • Sleep recovery by HolFel®
  • Rejuvenation by HolFel®
  • Anti-stress by HolFel®
  • Weight loss by HolFel®
  • Intégral anti-aging by HolFel®


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Our specialists are available to your Health Resorts  and Hotels & Resorts for sessions and classes of:

  • Respiration
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai-chi
  • Posture
  • Pilates
  • Massages (Shiatsu, Thai, Abhyanga Fusion, Tibetan, Reiki, Reflexology, Hot Stones, etc ...)


These sessions are included into ours stays and programs. These activities can also be done individually in a private course with our specialists.


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A tool of choice in the practice of preventive medicine.


It is a system of assessment and improvement of vitality based on the use of technologies that interact on the human energy structure. It helps to find the main cause of imbalances and to stimulate the mechanisms of self-regulation in order to deal with physical and emotional problems.


The main advantage of working on the energy field is to be able to identify the tendency to imbalance even before its manifestation. This system then becomes a tool of choice in the practice of preventive medicine. Access to information from primary causes also allows us to provide solutions in the case of dysfunctions or chronic processes.


Bioenergetics is a bridge between different medicines, as it studies the energy field as do Oriental medicines and uses the technologies and tools of Western medicine, capable of affecting the body by using Electromagnetic field.





The HolFel® stays are perfectly suited to the Health Resorts, wellness and vitality resorts.


Wellbeing as way to develop the hotel business.


Expand profitability by wellness services.






HolFel® tailored advice :

  • to grow your customer wellbeing
  • to increase the profitability of your establishment through wellbeing services

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