A sustainable and responsible investment, an adaptable solution, with a profitability inscribed in the market scalability.





Investing in a Global Positive Hotels ® project:



Hotels & Resorts:


Project H1: Hotel, 5-star, 50 rooms and suites, Champs-Élysées, in Paris France


Project H2: Hotel, 5-star, 100 rooms and suites, Louvre, in Paris France


Project H3: Hotel, 5-star, 30 rooms and suites, Marais, in Paris France


Project H4: Hotel, 5-star, 65 rooms and suites, Marais, in Paris France


Project H5: Hotel, 4-star, 75 rooms and suites, Bastille, in Paris France


Project H6: Resort, 5-star, 45 rooms and suites, in Saint-Tropez France


Project H7: Resort, 5-star, 40 rooms and suites, in Mykonos Greece


Project H8: Resort, 5-star, 50 rooms and 5 private villas, in Mykonos Greece


Project H9: Hotel, 5-star, 50 rooms and suites, in Santorini Greece


Project H10: Hotel, 5-star, 70 rooms ans suites, In Florence Tuscany Italy


Project H11: Hotel, 5-star, 150 rooms and suites, in Florence Tuscany Italy


Project H12: Hotel, 5-star, 50 rooms and suites, in Rome Italy


Project H13: Hotel, 5-star, 80 rooms and suites, in Rome Italy


Project H14: Hotel, 5-star, 100 rooms and suites, in Milan Italy


Project H15: Hotel, 5-star, 35 rooms and suites, in Venise Italy


Project H16: Hotel, 5-star, 50 rooms and suites, in Amalfi Italy


Project H17: Hotel, 5-star, 70 rooms and suites, in Cortina Italy


Project H18: Resort, 5-star, 60 rooms and suites, in Ibiza Spain


Project H19: Hotel, 5-star, 100 rooms and suites, in Brussels Belgium




Health Resorts:


Project HR1: Urban Health Resort (for a luxury French brand) Paris France


Project HR2: Health Resort historic castle Normandy France


Project HR3: Health Resort historic Abbey Provence France


Project HR4: Health Resort Citadelle Brittany France


Project HR5: Health Resort historic castel Florence Tuscany Italy


Project HR6: Health Resort historic Abbey Sienna Tuscany Italy


Project HR7: Health Resort Mykonos Greece


Project HR8: Health Resort Santorini Greece


Project HR9: Island Health Resort (Private island) Greece


Project HR10: Health Resort Mansion Marrakech Morocco




Resorts & Ressourcement ®:


Project RR1: Historic Mansion in Paris


Project RR2: Historic Castle in Normandy


Project RR3: Historic Abbey in Greater Paris


Project RR4: Historic Abbey in Provence


Project RR5: Historic Vauban Citadel in Brittany


Project RR6: Historic French Châteaux-Hôtels Collection


Project RR7: Important Historical Estate Provence (Prehistoric Cave, Gallo-Roman Villa / Castle / Abbey)



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